Data Sourcing

As our world is becoming more and more complex, data on what is happening around us becomes more important than ever. At the same time, the availability of this data grows as well due to the wide adoption of digital solutions and platforms as well as legacy processes becoming digital. This external data can complement your internal data or even be the basis new digital solutions.

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External Data can be sourced in different ways

The global production sector is facing many challenges. We want to empower builders around the world to solve them.

External Data APIs

The number of data products is growing constantly, offering actionable information you can use to enrich existing data or build completely new solutions.

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Crawling & Scraping

Often there is no data product that serves your need. In that case, you can acquire the data yourself and extract the necessary information to fuel your ML model or application.

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Alpha Affinity Data Products

With our first two data products (Global Supply Chain GraphConstruction Market Data) we offer ready-to-use data that you can easily use in your project.

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Backend Development

The backend of an application is arguably the most critical part. Getting the logic right and making sure the application is secure is far from trivial. Therefore you should rely on experts when designing and implementing it.

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The use of external data is still at its beginning - but holds huge potential

While many companies are still busy getting their internal data on track to be used effectively for analytics, the most advanced corporations and many small and companies in tech, marketing and finance are already leveraging external data to get better insights into their markets and the world around them. Some cases where professional data sourcing is helpful:

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    We know the global data markets very well and can help you identify potential data sources for your use case.

  • Based on our experience in sourcing various data sources, we developed a structured process for data evaluation.

  • With our technical skills, we can also support you with integrating and refining the data sources.

We help you realize your vision.
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Knowledge Base

Data-Driven Supplier Scouting - Why Web Data is the Best Source of Information for Automated Supplier Scouting

In an increasingly complex and volatile world, it becomes hard to analyze supply markets and find new suppliers with traditional approaches. By leveraging publicly available web data we can partially automate the supplier scouting process and significantly improve the results.

More Than Just BI - External Data Enables a More Holistic Approach to Intelligence

In times of change and uncertainty, the effective utilization of external data has proven to be a significant competitive advantage. Accurate, real-time information on markets, suppliers, and competitors is key for making strategic decisions and developing robust predictive models in complex environments.

These 7 Attributes Make or Break the Value of Your Data

Estimating the value of a dataset can be difficult, especially if it is very new and unique. With our simple framework, you can get a better understanding of its value and find out if it is worth considering external monetization.