About Us
We believe in the potential of data to solve some of the biggest problems of our time.

We started Alpha Affinity in 2020 because we had experienced ourselves how difficult and time consuming it is to create a high-quality data foundation for data-driven applications and advanced analytics. In previous projects we spent most of our time on data sourcing, refinement, and integration - instead of generating actual insights for customers and solving real-world problems.

That's how we came up with an idea that still drives us to this day: We want to create the most detailed, high quality and easily accessible database on the global production sector, enabling builders around the world to create data-driven solutions that solve real problems.

Our Team

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A protrait of our CEO Alex.
A portrait of our COO Yulia.
A portrait of our Head of Product David.
Head of Product
Head of Engineering
Senior System Reliability Engineer
What we are STRIVING FOR

Our Core Principles

A diamond, representing quality.
In the world of data, perfect quality is impossible to achieve. Nevertheless, we set out every day to get a bit closer.
A schematic illustration of a growing cube, representing scalability.
In order to cope with ever-increasing data volumes, we have scalability at the forefront of our design process.
A schematic illustration of an atom, representing simplicity.
Simplicity is essential to make a complex world understandable and reduce friction when accessing data.
A circle with arrows pointing to it, representing accessibility.
We want to make data and AI accessible to everyone and this way help enable the new digital revolution.
A schematic light bulb in a circle, representing sustainability.
We love to build by creating synergies. Stability and maintainability of our product is one of our priorities.
A schematic illustration representing relationships.
Strong Relationships
At the heart of everything are strong relationships with our customers, our partners and within the company.