Data Engineering

The speed at which data is generated worldwide increases every day. In order to generate insights from these huge amounts of data, sclable data pipelines and efficient transformations are key. No matter if streaming data in real-time or processing it in batches, virtually every data project requires professional Data Engineering at some point.

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Data Engineering Drives Big Data

The global production sector is facing many challenges. We want to empower builders around the world to solve them.

SQL & No-SQL Databases

Databases are at the heart of most digital projects and the variety is great. There are standard technologies for both SQL and No-SQL as well as more specialized solutions like graph databases.

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Data Pipelines

Data pipelines move your data from one place to the other, potentially transforming it on the way. The more data you need to process and the more you move into production, the more important a reliable, automated pipelin becomes.

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Data Modelling

Structured data requires a proper data model that onthe one hand represents the real world properly but atthe same time standardizes and simplifies it.

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Backend Development

The backend of an application is arguably the most critical part. Getting the logic right and making sure the application is secure is far from trivial. Therefore you should rely on experts when designing and implementing it.

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Data Engineering does the heavy lifting for your data project

As long as you are building a "normal" app or are just working with relatively low quantities of data, you likely don't need a Data Engineer. A strong Backend Developer, Data Scientist or Data Analyst should be able to implement the needed transformations, integrations and maybe also some automations. However, if you need to move and process a lot of data and ideally do so without constantly growing technical debt and manual work, you definitely should get support from a skilled Data Engineer for several reasons:

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  • We are building scalable data pipelines for many years now, retrieving and integrating data from various sources.

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    One of our core principles is keeping things lean. That's why we don't just suggest trendy technologies but rather tailor the solution to your actual needs.

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    We can leverage our domain experience in various areas, including Supply Chains, Finance, Media, Medical and more.

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Knowledge Base

Data-Driven Supplier Scouting - Why Web Data is the Best Source of Information for Automated Supplier Scouting

In an increasingly complex and volatile world, it becomes hard to analyze supply markets and find new suppliers with traditional approaches. By leveraging publicly available web data we can partially automate the supplier scouting process and significantly improve the results.

More Than Just BI - External Data Enables a More Holistic Approach to Intelligence

In times of change and uncertainty, the effective utilization of external data has proven to be a significant competitive advantage. Accurate, real-time information on markets, suppliers, and competitors is key for making strategic decisions and developing robust predictive models in complex environments.

These 7 Attributes Make or Break the Value of Your Data

Estimating the value of a dataset can be difficult, especially if it is very new and unique. With our simple framework, you can get a better understanding of its value and find out if it is worth considering external monetization.