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Do you need support with your software or data project?

Whether you need advice on specific issues around data product management, data sourcing, data engineering, machine learning or cloud engineering, or you need to temporarily expand your team with highly skilled experts in these areas, we can help!

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Our Expertise

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AI & MLOps
We have extensive experience in Natural Language Processing, Forecasting, Recommendation, Search, MLOps and more.
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Data Engineering
Extracting, processing and ingesting data at scale is hard, but we have tools and the knoweldge to support you.
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Data Sourcing
We help you up your own, tailored data foundation via crawling, scraping or data APIs as a basis for your data solution.
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We help you realize your vision.
We are more than just an agency. We are your reliable partner and treat your idea as if it was ours.

Knowledge Base

Data-Driven Supplier Scouting - Why Web Data is the Best Source of Information for Automated Supplier Scouting

In an increasingly complex and volatile world, it becomes hard to analyze supply markets and find new suppliers with traditional approaches. By leveraging publicly available web data we can partially automate the supplier scouting process and significantly improve the results.

More Than Just BI - External Data Enables a More Holistic Approach to Intelligence

In times of change and uncertainty, the effective utilization of external data has proven to be a significant competitive advantage. Accurate, real-time information on markets, suppliers, and competitors is key for making strategic decisions and developing robust predictive models in complex environments.

These 7 Attributes Make or Break the Value of Your Data

Estimating the value of a dataset can be difficult, especially if it is very new and unique. With our simple framework, you can get a better understanding of its value and find out if it is worth considering external monetization.