Spend less time on getting the right data. Focus on analyzing it.

Preparing data takes time. And external data brings specific challenges.


The data universe is fast-growing and intransparent. Identifying the right data sources or providers is difficult and time-consuming.


While internal data can be more easily normalized and standardized, external data often requires extensive normalization & linking.


External data sources are out of direct control, so a constant flow of fresh and accurate data requires a very reliable data pipeline.

We know how hard it is to source high-quality data. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

We support you along your whole data acquisition journey.

As your end-to-end partner for external data, we cover all aspects of data acquisition. You can either rely on us throughout the whole process or pick particular services that complement your internal capabilities. We value long-term relationships and are able to adjust to your specific data sourcing needs.

Data Scouting

The data acquisition process starts with a detailed analysis of your goals and your business requirements. Then we start exploring the whole universe of public and proprietary data in order to identify the best options for you.

Data Acquisition

After you made your decision, we acquire the needed data and collect it on our data acqusition platform. Besides ready-to-use paid and free data sources, we can also gather data via web scraping, crowd sourcing, or specialized vendors.

Data Preparation

We map, clean and normalize the data in order to make it more easily useable and further increase its value. If needed, we can perform more advanced feature extraction like Named Entity Recognition or classification.

Data Linking

After preparing the data, we link the the different datasets and optionally also connect them with your internal data. This way, you can immediately identify relevant entities like companies, products, categories, locations or roles.

Data Provisioning

The final data stream as well as the raw data sources are provided to you via our easy-to-use data platform. It is fully API-based so that the data can be easily integrate into all your analytics tools and data platforms.

How to get started? Find out more without any upfront investment in our free data workshop.